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Astro 1.2v1

Find your Images Again!
Astro is a simple, yet powerful Digital Asset Management Solution. It uses FileMaker and the power of Troi plug-ins to let you find all your catalogued files quickly.

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What is Astro?

With Astro you can manage your digital assets, like pictures, images and movies. But also non image project files like for example Excel, Word files etc. can be archived. You can easily create a catalogue of a (part of a) hard disk.

Powerful Search

Astro uses the search power of FileMaker 5.x or 6 to find all your catalogued files quickly. So you are able to find your files and go back to work more quickly.

Catalogue with one click of a button

Astro can catalogue your disks (CD-ROM's, Zips or hard disks) and can even create thumbnails from image files. The cataloging is very easy, you only have to say which disk you want to be indexed. Browsing through catalogued disks is also possible.

The Astro tool is valuable to any company wanting to easily and effectively manage a large archive of digital assets. Astro is a standalone runtime, so it does not require a license of FileMaker. Astro was created as a joint project by ECXS Information Systems BV and Troi Automatisering.

New in version 1.2v1

  • Added version for Mac OS X.
  • Added creation of thumbnails for the following file types: EPSF, XDOC (Quark) and PDF (the latter on Mac OS X only)
  • Price reduced to US $ 99 (interface locked and data file open)
  • Full unlocked version now available for US $ 499. All files are open and free for you to use! (details)


Astro offers these functions and features:

  • Show a complete list of all catalogued disks
  • Catalogue disks
  • Delete disks
  • Browse through a catalogued disk
  • Show all images (pict, jpeg & gif) on a selected disk
  • Create and show thumbnails of a selection
  • Search a selected disk or all disks by filename and file type
  • Add labels and notes

Suggested Use

  • Ad agencies can use it to catalogue projects, like photos, word files, etc.
  • Photographers can catalogue all photos on a CD-ROM
  • Web hosting firms can catalogue created web sites.

We like to hear what you can do with it!

System requirements

Astro runs on Mac OS version 9.1 through Mac OS 9.2.2 or later or Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later. Astro is available as a stand-alone runtime version (no FileMaker license required) or for use with FileMaker 5 or later (FileMaker license required). For Thumbnail generation QuickTime version 5 or later needs to be installed. For some graphics format Astro can only generate thumbnails if they are embedded as Pict in the resource fork of the file. This is the case for for example Adobe Illustrator and Quark Express files.

NOTE There is currently no Windows version available, please let us know if you'd like a Windows version.

What are the costs?

Below are the prices for new licenses and upgrades. Updating from the locked 1.0 version to the 1.2 locked version is free.

New licenses

Astro 1.2 single user license Mac OS

US $ 99 per user

Astro 1.2 single user license Mac OS, fully unlocked version

US $ 499 per user

Upgrades from previous versions:

Astro 1.2 single user license Mac OS, update to version 1.2 for current owners of Astro 1.0


Astro 1.2 single user license Mac OS, update to fully unlocked version for current owners of Astro 1.0

US $ 399 per user

You can order licenses via the ECXS or Troi web site. Buy-it online here.

Try Astro before you buy

You are invited to test Astro before you pay, as the demo is fully functional. The only limitation is that you can only catalogue 8 disks. If you want to catalogue more you need to get a license.

Astro is only available for 'classic' FileMaker

Please note that Astro is only available for FileMaker 5 and 6 only (fp5 format). We have no version for FileMaker 7 or later. You can of course still run FileMaker 6 on Mac OS X, however on Intel Macintoshes this will run under Rosetta. The runtime version for Mac OS X also still runs on Mac OS X.

Download the demo version

You can download a fully functional try-before-you-buy demo.

Macintosh Package:
Astro is only available for Mac OS.

FULL PACKAGE contains the complete Astro demonstration

Astro Demo, for Mac OS Classic + Mac OS X for FileMaker Pro 5 and 6*


Mac OS Classic (runtime version)


MacOS X (runtime version)


Update contains only the new files

Update from 1.0 to 1.2 (all types)

* requires FileMaker Pro 5.x or FileMaker Pro 6