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Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.5.1

FileMaker Pro 12 through 15 compatible

Troi Dialog plug-in adds powerful dialog functions to FileMaker Pro.

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Below are a few things our users had to say about our Dialog plug-in:

Timebox Solutions Ltd. use Troi Dialog Plug-in with their TBX Postcode Plug-in. They include it with their product "as it makes a very good demonstration of one way to implement postcoding functionality using AFD Postcode Plus. We are happy to recommend Troi Automatisering's plugins and have used many Troi plugins for many years".

"And may I say that I LOVE Troi Dialog, it just keeps getting better and better. My solution for music and art schools, StudioSchool Pro, relies heavily on it for a variety of custom dialogs handling everything from payments and refunds and to sort selections for label output."
Will Loving, Human Data Design

"The dialog plug-in is without question the most important FileMaker plug-in in our arsenal (I would argue the most important FileMaker plug-in period). Easily worth ten times the price."
Shawn Hogan, Lead Engineer at Digital Point Solutions

"Thanks very much for sending this version of the plug-in and answering my query so quickly. I've given the plug-in some testing and as far as I can tell it has fixed my problem. I'm extremely pleased with your level of customer service. Keep up the great work."
Dan Burgess, Information Systems Administrator, South of England Open College Network, University of Brighton

"Troi Dialog was the first and it's still the best. Now we've got a bunch of me-too software coming out four or five years after Troi led the way. They're going to have an awfully tough time matching Troi's record for stable code, stellar support, and indispensable features. I literally will refuse to work on any major FileMaker project without Troi Dialog. I trust it completely to be a key part of my solutions, and going without it is simply an incredible waste of time"
Jay S. Levin, Turtle Solutions

"Your products are simply put... "GREAT""
Ernest A. Abrams, MacBusiness Consulting

"If you're looking to produce a professional-looking solution using FileMaker, then this dialog box plug-in is a must-have"
Richard Dyce, MacUser UK.

"The Troi Dialog plug-in has lots of features making it worth every cent of the US$29"
Kent Lendrum, HOD Computer Studies, Mount Maunganui College, New Zealand.

"Buying the Developer's License for the Dialog plug-in was the best FMP-related investment I've ever made!"
Kieren Richard MacMillan, head database developer of kierencom, Toronto, Canada.

"Thanks, you make great products!"
Peter Payne, J-LIST, the Japanese anime web site, www.jlist.com

"I have been using your Troi Text, Dialog and ClipSave plug-ins with great success. Thank you very much."
Doug Rider, FileMaker Pro database developer of InterRiderWorks.

"I have been testing your "Dialog" plug-in V2 ...... It´s great!!!!"
Michael Junior Nielsen, database developer of FSA Partner member Junior, www.junior.dk

"This new version of the Dialog Plug-in is great. Thanks and I love it!"
Matt Klein, Small Business Computers of New England.

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