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Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.5.1

FileMaker Pro 12 through 15 compatible

Troi Dialog plug-in adds powerful dialog functions to FileMaker Pro.

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List of Features

Show dialogs with variable text and up to 4 buttons

With the Dialog plug-in you can calculate the text and the buttons of your dialog box in a ScriptMaker Script. You can add data from fields and also change the labels of the buttons:


Show temporary flash dialogs

With Troi Dialog plug-in you can show a flash dialog that will stay visible only for a fixed amount of time, for example 4 seconds. Great to give extra instructions to a user, without the user having to dismiss the dialog.
See screenshot

Let a user input text through a dialog

Show a dialog with up to fifteen input fields, where the user can type text or a password (no need for a special bullet font to be installed!), choose an item from a pop-up list or mark a checkbox. All input fields can be filled with pre-entered values and you can specify in which field the input dialog will start.

Input Dialog for FileMaker Pro with 48x48 pixels icons


Show a password dialog

Lets users safely enter a username and password.

User password

Show a progress dialog

For lengthy operations you can show a progress bar.
See screenshot

Show a list dialog

With Troi Dialog plug-in you can display a list dialog box, from which the user can choose an item. Note that the OK button is disabled until the user chooses an item. The list dialog box is completely customizable, including setting icons. You can even show your own icon!
See screenshot

Show a slideshow

With Troi Dialog Plug-in you can create a slideshow of images and movies.
Currently not available on FileMaker Pro 14 and 15 (64-bit). Run FileMaker Pro 14 in 32-bit mode.

Show a big input dialog

With Troi Dialog plug-in you can display a big input dialog box, in which the user can type (or edit) long pieces of text. You can specify how many characters the user needs to type before buttons are activated and also the maximum number of characters allowed. You can also prefill the text, set the size of the window, choose the title for the dialog and give it a standard icon or your own icon.

Troi Dialog Plug-in for FileMaker Pro: a big InputDialog

See a slightly bigger dialog

Have the results of the dialog put into fields without parsing

We've added functions to make it easier to put the data entered and the number of the button clicked by a user into separate fields: ready for further use!

Position the dialog box anywhere on the screen

You can state precisely where you want the dialog box to appear on the screen. The plug-in will make sure the dialog remains visible even if your coordinates are outside the screen's reach.

Set the text for the dialog title bar

Giving your solution that extra quality!

Add standard and custom icons to the dialog box

You can add one of the icons as shown below to the dialog box, or you can add your own icons.


Dialog Icons

Function names

Below are all functions of Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.5.1.

Function name
Short description
Dial_BigInputDialog Displays an input dialog box, in which the user can enter a long text
Dial_DelayTicks Waits a specified period of time
Dial_Dialog Displays a dialog box with extra possibilities (like icons).
Dial_FlashDialog Flashes a dialog box for a specified period of time
Dial_GetButton Returns the number of the button clicked in the last dialog shown
Dial_GetCurrentTimestamp Returns the current timestamp with extra precision, in milliseconds
Dial_GetInput Returns the contents of one of the input fields
Dial_GetPopup Returns the current popup list stored in the plug-in
Dial_IconControl Sets the custom icon
Dial_InputDialog Shows an input dialog, with up to 15 input, password,popup or checkbox fields.
Dial_ListDialog Displays a list dialog box, from which the user can choose an item
Dial_PresentImage Displays one or more images or movies full screen or as a slideshow
Currently not available on FileMaker Pro 14 (64-bit). Run FileMaker Pro 14 in 32-bit mode.
Dial_ProgressBar Displays a progress bar dialog box
Dial_SetDialogTitle Sets the default dialog title for the title bar of dialogs
Dial_SetInput Sets the text to be pre-entered in the input fields of the next input dialog
Dial_SetLabels Sets the label text to be displayed next to the input fields of the next input dialog.
Dial_SetListInput Preselect a item from the items in a list dialog.
Dial_SetPopup Sets the values to be used for the popup list
Dial_SetPosition Sets the position on the screen of dialogs to be shown
Dial_Version Check for correct version of the plug-in
Dial_VersionAutoUpdate Get the version of the plug-in, formatted for FileMaker Server's AutoUpdate function. Returns 8 digit number to represent an AutoUpdate version.

User Manual and Extensive examples

Example databases will show you how to implement the functions. In addition we've included a user guide in the download.

pdf icon

You can also view the user guide online as a PDF: Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.5 User Guide.pdf.
(You might need Acrobat Reader plug-in for this).

What are the costs?

Buy Troi plug-ins hereBelow are the prices for new licenses (upgrades from previous versions: see below).

  • Single user license: US$ 59 per user
  • 10-user pack: US$ 279
  • 25-user pack: US$ 449
  • Developer Distribution license (Mac and Windows): US$ 449

Upgrades from previous versions

Upgrading from version 6.5 is free: version 6.5.1 uses the same 6.5 registration code. If you bought a license on or after March 11th, 2015 the upgrade to version 6.5.1 is also free. We have emailed all eligible customers a new 6.5 registration string. Contact us if you have not received yours.

If you bought a license before March 11th, 2015 you will need to upgrade to use the 6.5.1 version:

  • Upgrade from single user license (Mac OS or Windows): US$ 35 per user
  • Upgrade from 10-user pack: US$ 139
  • Upgrade from 25-user pack: US$ 179
  • Upgrade from single platform developer license to cross platform developer license: US $299
  • Upgrade from X-platform developer license to X-platform developer license: US$ 179

    -> Buy Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.5.1 online here

Developer License available

For Troi Dialog Plug-in we have a developer license specially intended for developers of databases. This license allows you to include our plug-ins with ALL databases or FileMaker solutions that your company sells. See the Developer License page for more information.


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