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Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1

Troi File Plug-in is a very powerful tool for getting access to information outside the FileMaker Pro database. Any files stored on the rest of the computer can be accessed through the functions of the plug-in.

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Troi File Plug-in comments

Here is what other users have said

Below are a few things our users had to say about Troi File Plug-in.

"Your customer service is first-class, there are many companies that could learn a lot from you about how to help and advise their clients. I really appreciate it."
David Fox, WhatHat Ltd.

"I like to thank you for an excellent plugin that has made many of my solutions two steps better than I ever could do in pure FileMaker."
Johan Hedman, certified FileMaker developer at PositionEtt AB, Sweden

"I really have to say, that Troi File Plug-in is a fantastic extension for Filemaker. Troi opens a wide range of possibilities to improve our database and helps us a lot, to make the photo-handling easier."
Daniel Stöckli, Switzerland

"We have used a single version of the original Troi File classic plug-in for a several years, converting last week to a 10 user of the v4 version for Filemaker 8+.

I was amazed how quick and easy it was to convert our code, as we use the Troi File functionality in about 40 instances across about 15 scripts.

Troi File has been critical to our ability to extend Filemaker's functionality to allow us to generate a dynamic website with hundreds of pages made up of complex HTML, XML, Javascript and PHP. It would have been impossible to achieve this result without Troi File, which has proved to be a reliable, consistent, and high performance Plug-in.

You can see the result at www.recruiting.co.nz

Thank you for developing and supporting Troi File so professionally, in the future I'm sure we will use more of your products."

Paul Royse, www.recruiting.co.nz

"I think this is a fantastic product, it does what it says and I am overwhelmed by the functionality that is offered"
Peter Cross, read his complete review of Troi File Plug-in on the FMPug website

" I just want to let you know how highly I think of your product, Troi File. I've been developing a commercial solution that makes extensive use of the plug-in. It's easy to use and most importantly, it's rock solid. I've emailed you support questions from time to time and they are always answered with the information to solve the problem.

I cannot praise your product enough."
Randy Lawrence, Absolute Advantage, Inc.

"Two weeks ago I had a very intensive project; full automation of a data conversion routine involving import and export of thousands of files. The Troi File Plug-In (and your very helpful and timely advice) made it all happen and get delivered on time.

In the past years of doing FileMaker development the most visionary and extensive projects I have been involved in have used Troi Plug-Ins as an essential component. Troi Plug-Ins give the ability to automagically harness system level processes; the simplest way of describing it is a "Wow" factor on the client's side and a fundamentally elegant, straightforward, and fast scripting process from the developer's perspective. They put a powerhouse of programming behind FileMaker's ease of use.

Although I have used them for a wide range of functions I still feel I've only scratched the surface of Troi Plug-Ins possible applications. Much thanks for providing an essential tool to FileMaker developers."
Beatrice Beaubien, i2eye, Toronto, Canada

"Thought you might be interested to hear about something we've done using Troi File and Troi Coding." Read how Noam Sturmwind of Oak Bay Softrends, Inc. manages to update the local files on his client's workstations by automatically downloading a new copy of the files when the workstation connects to the server. "Not only does this save us a lot of time in re-installing on each workstation, it also means that we don't have to worry about local files becoming corrupted."
Noam Sturmwind, Oak Bay Softrends, Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Troi File to the rescue!

Read how Troi File Plug-in helped Heather McCue of OshVay Associates to migrate thousands of databases for a client and improve another client's PDF reporting solution: "Thank you Troi, we could not have managed without you!"
Heather McCue, OshVay Associates, Raleigh, NC
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"Troi File Plug-in is a truly great product. I just wish I had looked into it properly when it first came out. If I had known just how powerful this tool was I'd have bought it for all my clients years ago.
Many thanks for a great product"
Peter Makin, Makin Rochard Ltd., United Kingdom.

"Don't leave home without Troi File Plug-in."
Doug Rowe, Robyte Consulting

"Thank you for your new plug-in!
I bought it in about 10 seconds after I saw it can do exactly what I have been trying to do with Applescript unsuccessfully.
Using Filemaker to organize my cruise reviews, I was looking for a convenient way to export the html to a file.
I had been using the legacy Keyquencer to copy and paste information into a text-editor, and then save the file. To update my html files, this would take about 2 hours!
Your timing could not have been better. Now I can do the same task in about 2 seconds. Well worth the price of the plug-in!
Thanks for all your great work".
Greg "Pepe" Giese, www.cruisingreview.com

"This plugin has become somewhat integral to many of the solutions I've worked on here. It's a lifesaver!"
Tony Pottrell, Human Engineering

"At the recent suggestion of Dana Perry, I took a look at the Troi File Plug-in in the context of testing for the existence of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program (before launching PDF files from FileMaker). My study of the plug-in confirmed for me the great power of this tool for a variety of other tasks, including the automation of upgrades. I developed a routine with FileMaker and the Troi File Plug-in that I thought might interest other users." Read more about it here.
Vince Lackner, The Lackner Group, Inc.

"As you might be aware, Brushfire for the Mac originally was written using AppleScript as the glue to pull the components together. When we ported Brushfire to the PC, we decided to use the Troi File plug-in. With Brushfire 1.5 we are using the Troi File plug-in on both Mac and PC versions. Not only was development with the plug-in smoother and easier than the AppleScript development, but the resulting code is more solid and robust. Since the switch to the Troi File plug-in our customer support telephone calls have dropped over 20%. I only wish we had started the project this way! Thank you for providing such an excellent tool."
Russell Kohn, Chaparral Software & Consulting Services, Inc.

"I can't thank you enough for this plug in. It is incredible what I have been able to do with FileMaker now that I have found your plug in. It's simple to understand and I don't think I could use FileMaker without it. I use it to create thousands of web pages from my FileMaker database very easily."
Ben Levitan, USA

"Hello, Troi folks!

First, thanks for a great plugin in TroiFile! I've been using it to help power a great web site, www.topekamls.com (not available from 4:00 to 4:30 AM CST (GMT-7)). There we are using TroiFile, in concert with some calc fields in FMP, to detect whether a given house listing in our "available properties" FMP database actually has a picture on the hard drive or not, by using the TroiFile GetSize command - if it has a size, it's got a picture! Saved our bacon for sure, as the database we're importing the housing data from doesn't have any kind of field that would otherwise let me know if any given record has an associated picture or not. Many thanks!

We're also using TroiFile to write lasso-enabled template-based web sites for us. It writes from an FMP database which stores the raw HTML, and then substitues in customer-specific data right before TroiFile writes that html to a file out on the web server. We've got it writing about 500, 3-page websites every week for us, at a rate of about 1 complete site in 0.13 seconds on a rather modest AMD K6-2 450. Talk about profitability (and more time for our web designers to do other things)!"
John Krische, Krische Database Systems, Topeka, KS, USA

"From the US side of the pond, I offer my sincere thanks for the work you put into the File Plug-In. I didn't realize the limitations that are inherent to FMP5 (Win) until I built my solution and found I couldn't include badly needed features. After being directed to your web site by a fellow developer I downloaded and tested the evaluation copy. Shortly thereafter I purchased the Developer License.

What a Blessing the plug-in has been. It is everything that is advertised and then some. Thanks for an excellent piece of software. If my FMP solution is half as helpful and successful as your File Plug-in, I will be elated."
Gary Hopps, Carthage, NY, USA

"I am having much success with your "Troi File" Plug-In- Thank You for making such a GREAT Product! Keep up the good work- Your products are an asset to the Filemaker community!"
James L. (Jay) Knight, Jr., Lead Developer Infotraxx Systems, Inc.

"The Troi File Plug-in is a very powerful addition to a FileMaker user's armoury"
Richard Dyce, MacUser UK

"This plug-in rocks! Keep up the great work"
Enrique Pardo, edesign graphic studio, Geneva, Switzerland.

"I tried Troi's file plug in and the demo file sucked in a folder full of JPEGs from my Mavica 91. All the plug in needs is a little sound file that makes the sound heard when emptying the contents of a container via a straw....slurrrrrpppp..."
Jack Rodgers, FileMaker developer.

"I grabbed this plug-in, took it for a spin and it is totally the tool that I've needed for many a moon. AND it has many many other features that have my wheels turning - Thank you for this piece of Magick!"
Fritz Jung, The Witches' Voice www.witchvox.com          

"Thanks for the brilliant software. The Troi File and Text plug-ins keep making my work much easier"
Eric Smith McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I'm probably not the first to tell you: Way-cool! Keep up the GREAT work!"
Erik Wegweiser, Intelligent Database www.ichizen.com. FileMaker Pro Developer, Consultant - Member, FileMaker Solutions Alliance.

"FANTASTIC! and Congratulations! I love the File Plug-in and can't wait to try out these new and exciting features! Great work! Especially the new folder functions: DeleteFolder, SelectFolder!"
Eric S. Pecoraro, Proxiva Corporation.

"I started developing with the demo, and it is a joy to be able to do the things you can do with the File plug-in."
Johan Edenvik, Database and Web Developer of Administrator Finansservice AB, Sweden.

"I'am very happy with your plugins they're better than FileMaker itself !!"
dipl. Ing. HTL Longin Ziegler, www.ismile.ch


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