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Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1

Troi File Plug-in is a very powerful tool for getting access to information outside the FileMaker Pro database. Any files stored on the rest of the computer can be accessed through the functions of the plug-in.

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Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1 for FileMaker Pro 12 to 15

Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker Pro 15new 23 January, 2017 Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1 is the new version of our file manipulation plug-in for FileMaker Pro 12 to 15. This is a maintenance release which has the following fixes and enhancements:

  • (Windows) Better handling of zip files with the UnZIP function, when items are in a subfolder, but the subfolder itself is not present
  • Better parsing of the metadata of newer PDF versions, like PDF 1.7
  • (macOS X) Added timecode info to the result of the TrFile_MetaData( "-GetMovieDescription") function
  • Improved the multi-threading behavior of several functions when running multiple scripts at the same time on FileMaker Server
  • Fixed a bug in the TrFile_SetContents and TrFile_AppendContents functions where extra spurious characters could be written to a file using encoding: -Encoding=ASCII_Windows, when the text contained combining unicode characters
  • (macOS X) Improved the DragAndDrop function to prevent a potential memory leak (when drag and drop handling was not correctly stopped) and a potential crash (when restarting drag and drop multiple times)

Please see the version history page for a complete list of changes in this and earlier versions.

Suggested Uses

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Troi File Plug-in can be used in a lot of ways. Its 69 functions give you a universal tool that can be used in a lot of databases. Below are a few suggestions on how Troi File Plug-in can be useful:

  • List the contents of a folder and process newly added files
  • Check integrity of files on disk
  • Create a web site by exporting multiple HTML files
  • Update solutions, by moving (database) files into place
  • Read and write custom formatted files, for example from legacy systems
  • Catalogue complete projects, including pictures
  • Manage images, movies and other files.
  • Launch files with their appropriate application directly from FileMaker Pro

What are the costs?

Troi File Plug-in 8.6.x has the following pricing:Buy it!

New licenses:  
Single user license:
10-user pack:
25-user pack:
US$ 99 per user
US$ 449
US$ 749
Developer licenses:
Allows you to include the plug-in with all FileMaker solutions that your company sells to organizations of up to 25 users.
Developer license for Mac + Windows: US$ 749
Server/web license
Allows to use the plug-in in server-side scripts and in web published databases using FileMaker Server Advanced (no user limit).
ServerWeb license for Mac + Windows: US$ 449

Upgrades from previous versions

Version 8.6.x uses the same registration string as version 8.5. Users who bought a license for Troi File Plug-in on or after November 1st, 2015 have received a free upgrade to version 8.5. Contact us if you have not received yours.

If you bought a license before November 1st, 2015 you will need to upgrade to use the 8.6.x version.

Upgrades from previous versions:

Single license upgrade:
10-user pack upgrade:
25-user pack upgrade:
US$ 59 per user
US$ 249
US$ 349
Upgrades from previous Developer Licenses:

Cross platform Developer license to Cross platform Developer license: US$ 349
Upgrades from previous Server/web Licenses:

ServerWeb license for Mac + Windows upgrade: US$ 249

-> Buy Troi File Plug-in online here

Developer License available

For the File plug-in we have a developer license specially intended for developers of databases. This license allows you to include our plug-ins with ALL databases or FileMaker solutions that your company sells to organizations of up to 25 users. See the File Plug-in Developer License page for more information.

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A page which describes how to use the auto-update feature of FileMaker Server 7/8/9/10/11. Note that auto-update is not needed for FileMaker Pro 12 to 15, as you can directly install plug-ins from a container field.

Conversion from FileMaker Pro 6
On this page you can find more information on how to convert databases, which use Troi File Plug-in, to FileMaker 7 through 15.

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