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Troi Grabber Plug-in 2.3
for FileMaker Pro 12

This FileMaker Pro plug-in adds video image grabbing functions to FileMaker Pro. With it you can take a picture from a video camera and put it into a container field. And it can record movies too!

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FileMaker Pro 12 compatible and runs on Mac OS X and Windows

Troi Grabber Plug-in 2.3 is compatible with FileMaker Pro 10, 11 and 12.

Key features

Key features of Troi Grabber Plug-in are:

  • Gets images into FileMaker without the need for a different application
  • Works with any QuickTime compatible camera on Mac OS X and TWAIN camera or scanner on Windows.
  • You can edit video settings and save and restore the settings
  • Clear example databases and a user guide to get started quickly.

On Mac OS X you need QuickTime (version 7 or higher) installed and a video input source that is compatible with QuickTime. Examples of these inputs are DV or HDV cameras connected to the firewire port or a (built-in) iSight.

On Windows you need a TWAIN compatible input source, like a video camera (camcorder), and installed TWAIN drivers for this input source.

This plug-in runs on any machine that is able to run FileMaker Pro 10 or higher. You can also include the plug-in with runtimes made with FileMaker Pro Advanced 10, FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.

Additional Features (Mac OS X only)

Record a movie from within FileMaker

Grab QuickTime movies in FileMaker with Troi Grabber plug-in

You can record a movie from a video input source in a separate window or even on the same FileMaker layout. Show a movie grabber window and let the user start and stop the recording by clicking on a button. You can also record for a specified number of seconds. The recorded movie is saved to a specified path on the hard disk, and inserted as a reference in the FileMaker database. And if the video source has a timecode a timecode track is also created! This is usually the case with a FireWire connection and a DV camcorder.

Get timecode and insert the movie into the FileMaker container

Troi Grabber plug-in can get timecodes of a recorded movie. In the download you find example files showing how to record and then insert a movie into a container field. The selection of where the movie must be saved is done in cooperation with the Troi File Plug-in. You can find more information on the Troi File Plug-in here.

Show screenshot

Rotate your image

You can rotate the image 90, -90 or 180 degrees. With this you can not only capture images in landscape but also capture images in portrait orientation.

Crop the image

It is possible to define a rectangle that will be super imposed on top of the image preview. This cropping rectangle enables you to visually select a part of the video image. You can grab only the part of the image that is inside the cropping rectangle or you can still grab the complete image. You can even do both at the same time!

FileMaker Plug-in: Sample Grabber image with cropping rectangle
Sample rotated image with a cropping rectangle

What can you do with this plug-in?

Suggested uses of Troi Grabber Plug-in are:

  • Make a web cam database
  • Security database
  • Medical database with pictures of the patients' condition
  • Register people and let them take their picture

We are sure you can come up with some great ideas yourself!

Try Troi Grabber Plug-in before you buy

You are free and invited to test the program before you pay. You may also make copies of the original and complete package (including the Read Me file) and distribute it to customers, friends etc. However, you may not distribute a modified or registered version.

What are the costs?

Troi Grabber Plug-in is more expensive than our other plug-ins, as it is a specialized plug-in, with a limited customer base. We currently only sell a developer license which allows you to deploy it with ALL the databases or FileMaker solutions that your company sells. See the Developer License page for more information. The developer license costs:

New Developer License

Developer license US$ 999

Upgrades from version 2.0 and later

Upgrading to version 2.3 is free for all registered users of version 2.x. The 2.3 version works with the same 2.0 registration string. To upgrade in this case you can simply download and install the 2.3 version on your system.

Upgrades from versions prior to v2.0

NOTE We don't have an upgrade option for single licenses. We only have an upgrade option for developer licenses. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.
Upgrades from previous versions:

Single license (Mac or Windows): please contact us!
Multiple single licenses (Mac or Windows): please contact us!
Upgrades from previous Developer Licenses:

Single platform Developer license to Developer license: US$ 699
Cross platform Developer license to Developer license: US$ 499

System requirements

System requirements Mac

Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard), OS X 10.7 (Lion).
QuickTime 7 or later.

You also need:

  • a QuickTime compatible video device
  • a Quicktime driver for this video device

Mac OS X comes with drivers for quite a few devices, like DV camcorders via firewire. Also webcams like the built-in iSight should work.

System requirements Windows

Windows XP (Service Pack 2) on Intel-compatible computer, Pentium III 500MHz or higher
Windows Vista on Intel-compatible computer, Pentium III 800MHz or higher
Windows 7 on Intel-compatible computer 1 GHz or faster.

You also need:

  • a TWAIN compatible input source, like a video camera (CamCorder) or a scanner
  • installed TWAIN drivers for this input source

FileMaker requirements

FileMaker Pro 10 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 10 or higher.
FileMaker Pro 11 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 or higher.
FileMaker Pro 12 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 or higher.

* NOTE Troi Grabber Plug-in will probably run fine with earlier FileMaker versions 7 to 9, but we have not tested these earlier FileMaker versions and we do not provide support for them. Also note that the example files use features only available in FileMaker 9 and higher.

Also note that Troi Grabber Plug-in, with older FileMaker versions, will probably run on older operating systems for example Mac OS X 10.3.9, however, we do not support this.

NOTE 2 Troi Grabber Plug-in can NOT be used by FileMaker Server as a server-side plug-in or as a plug-in used by the web publishing engine, as the plug-in requires Graphic User Interface (GUI), which is not possible on FileMaker Server.

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