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Troi has developed a range of innovative and high quality plug-ins for FileMaker Pro, which extend the functionality of FileMaker. Our plug-ins make it possible to do things you thought were still impossible to do with FileMaker Pro. All our latest plug-ins work with FileMaker Pro 12 through 15. You can find more information on our FileMaker Pro 15 Compatibility page and our FileMaker Pro 14 Compatibility page.
Most plug-ins are available for Mac OS X and Windows 7, 8.x and 10. Some older plug-ins are still available for earlier operating systems.

"I must say, it's a pleasure working with Troi, you are *all* so very responsive, flexible, and accommodating. Troi is in a very competitive marketplace, and I want you to know that the excellent customer service that we get from Troi is a big factor when weighing our plugin choices" Charlie Bailey, VP of FileMaker Product Development, inRESONANCE

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Troi Activator Plug-in
The Activator Plug-in can trigger a script on a different computer, even over internet. Ever wanted to tell other users you changed their appointment or ask someone to get out of a record? Now you can with this plug-in! You can also trigger events at scheduled times or when exiting a field. It can also be an image upload server. FMP12 through FMP15 Compatible

More Info  Download  Buy  US$89 single user

Troi Dialog Plug-in new! With this plug-in you can show dynamic dialogs. With a calculation you can specify all aspects like the text, number of buttons and icons. It adds input dialogs, list dialogs, a temporary flash dialog and progress bars and now also slideshows! Give your database that extra quality by giving users the best feedback. FMP12 through FMP15 Compatible
More Info  Download  Buy  US$59 single user

Troi Encryptor Plug-in Secure your FileMaker data by AES-256 encryption, export or email your data without risk and import safely back into FileMaker. Also helps you to save passwords in the keychain, verify data integrity, create text signatures, convert binary numbers and compress data. You need this plug-in if you want data to be safe! FMP12 through FMP15 Compatible
More Info  Download  Buy  US$79 single user

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Troi File Plug-in new This plug-in is the best tool for getting access to files and folders outside the FileMaker Pro database. Any file stored on the computer can be accessed: create, delete and write in any format. Import any file. Create thumbnails of images or batch import them. Zip and unzip files and folders. Search the disk and more! With over 60 functions this is the workhorse to manage all your file related tasks. FMP12 through FMP15 Compatible
More Info  Download  Buy  US$99 single user

Troi Grabber Plug-in This plug-in adds video image grabbing functions. With it you can take a picture from a video camera and put it into a container field. And record movies too!
FMP10 through FMP13 Compatible
More Info  Download  Buy  US$999 developer license

Troi Serial Plug-in new! Adds functions that can read and write to all the serial ports on a computer. This plug-in lets a wide array of devices, from weighing scales to telephone switchboards, work directly with FileMaker Pro databases. FMP12 through FMP15 Compatible
More Info  Download  Buy  US$999 xplat developer license

Troi Text Plug-in new! The Text Plug-in is a very powerful tool for dealing efficiently with text in your FileMaker Pro database. It adds custom spell checking, XML parsing and combination functions: ANDText (all lines that are the same in 2 text fields) XORText (all lines that are different) NOTText function (all lines that are in the first text field but not in the second). Also get unique lines and words, sort lines, GetLine and more functions.
FMP12 through FMP15 and FM Cloud Compatible

More Info  Download  Buy  US$49 single user

Troi URL Plug-in Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in forms on the Internet, all from FileMaker Pro. It also posts and retrieves data from any HTTP or HTTPS URL. FMP12 through FMP15 Compatible
More Info  Download  Buy  US$79 single user

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Save money and time with the Troi Developer License Bundle: receive cross platform developer licenses for all current Troi plug-ins, plus all upgrades during 12 months after purchase.
  • Save money: more than US $ 1000 cheaper compared to individual developer licenses
  • Save time: only order once and receive upgrades automatically for 12 months
  • Stay compatible: always licensed for the latest versions
  • Easy budgeting: fixed 12-month price
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(Solution) Developer Distribution License

For all our plug-ins we have a flat fee cross-platform license intended for developers. You can find more information on these licenses on our Developer License page.

Other products

QuickTrans for iPhone logo

QuickTrans for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Send images from your iPhone to a server with ease! You can add (GPS) location data and more.
More Info   Buy from App Store  US$14,99 now only US$6,99

Troi Scout FM  Find selected text in FileMaker databases fast!
More Info  Download  Buy  US$59 single user

Astro Digital Asset management Catalogue disks and manage digital assets, like pictures, images, movies.
More Info  Download  Buy US$99 single user

Troi OSErrrs Database which lists system error codes of Mac OS ànd Windows!
More Info  Download  Buy US$29 single user, free for Troi plug-in users!

Troi ASCII plug-in This is an example plug-in. You can download the source code for it. This plug-in adds the external function: Asci-LowSafe which converts higher ASCII characters to lower ASCII characters, while trying to retain as much information as possible.
More Info  Download  Free

Retired products

Troi Clipsave Plug-in (Retired) This plug-in can save and restore the clipboard. Ideal for developers using the clipboard in their scripts.
More Info  Download  Free license

Troi Graphic Plug-in (Retired) his FileMaker Pro plug-in adds color container creation, screenshot capture and making of thumbnails.
More Info

Troi Number Plug-in This FileMaker plug-in makes it possible to show a running balance of a value in any portal, especially sorted portals. It does so on-the-fly, whenever any portal data is entered or edited, including changes to the sort key field(s).
More Info

Troi Sesame Plug-in (Retired) This plug-in is ideal for Web administrators. You can open files without FileMaker being blocked by a dialog. No need to add commands: just add the plug-in and it will work! (Mac OS 8.x and 9.x only)
More Info  Download  Free license

Promaker Utils (Retired) Utility for copying scripts in FileMaker 3 and 4. ProMaker Utils makes it possible to paste an entire ScriptMaker script into a FileMaker file.
More Info  Freeware

Troi Ranges Plug-in The Ranges Plug-in for FileMaker Pro uses a starting date and an ending date to generate a range of values between those two dates. The Ranges plug-in will generate number ranges as well.
More Info  

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