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This FileMaker database lists over 4700 error codes and many with their explanation. All current Mac OS X and Windows error codes known by us are listed in this database. Some of these errors might be returned by one of our plug-ins (but of course not all!). Also error codes specific to Troi Plug-ins are listed.

New version 2.5.3 (March 16th, 2015)

Troi OSErrrs 2.5.3 is formatted for FileMaker Pro 7 or FileMaker Pro 12 and adds new error codes that can be returned by Troi Plug-ins.

What does it cost?

Troi OSErrrs 2.5.3 is free!

If you want to add the OSErrrs database to your solutions or want to host OSErrrs on your network, you can request the master password to the OSErrrs database.

Download OSErrrs here

We have several versions. Each download contains the complete database. So you need to download only one package. Choose to download a package formatted in FileMaker Pro 12 format. You can also download OSErrrs in FileMaker Pro 7 format. You can still download an older package in FileMaker Pro 5 format.

Download as a FileMaker Pro 12 to FileMaker Pro 13 database

Size 553 Kb, Zipped, fmp12 format
Click here to download troi-oserrrs253-fmp12.zip

Download as a FileMaker Pro 7 to FileMaker Pro 11 database

Size 442 Kb, Zipped, fp7 format
Click here to download troi-oserrrs253-fp7.zip

Download as a FileMaker Pro 5 database (older version)

Each download contains all files. Download either a Macintosh (hqx) or a Windows version (zip) of the package. Each package contains BOTH the Macintosh version as well as the Windows version of the Troi OSErrrs database. Only the compression and (text)formatting is different. Please choose one of the following links to start download:

Macintosh Package:

Size 604 Kb, stuffed
Click here to download Troi-OSErrrs-2.0.sit
Windows Package:
Size 420 Kb, Zipped
Click here to download oserrrs20.zip


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