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Version 4.5.1 for FileMaker 12, 13, 14 and 15

Troi Serial Plug-in gives FileMaker Pro the ability to read from and write to the serial ports of the computer directly from within FileMaker Pro without the need of a separate application. And it works completely cross-platform.

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Troi Serial Plug-in 4.5.1: maintenance release

Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker Pro 15

new March 2, 2017 Today we released Troi Serial Plug-in 4.5.1, which fixes a bug in the Serial_Receive function, where in some cases not all data would be returned directly. We also updated the code in several places to make the plug-in more robust and we made several small improvements to the example files. The upgrade to version 4.5.1 is free and recommended for all users of version 4.5.

On the version history page you can find the complete list of changes of this and previous versions.

Key features

Troi Serial Plug-in gives FileMaker Pro easy and powerful access to external devices with a serial interface:

  • Read from and write to the (virtual) serial ports of the computer directly from FileMaker Pro without the need of a separate application.
  • Native FileMaker script triggering, to get incoming data into the database.
  • "Serial_Control" function to temporarily suspend the incoming data stream and resume it when you are interested in the data.
  • "Wait for Match" function to wait for a specific text before triggering.
  • The possibility to open an unlimited number of serial ports and to trigger different scripts for different ports.

The plug-in works with all types of serial ports including those added through an extension card or USB to Serial adaptor. Troi Serial plug-in runs on any machine that is able to run FileMaker Pro 12 or higher. You can also include the plug-in with runtimes made with FileMaker Pro Advanced.

What can you do with it?

Suggested uses of this plug-in are:

  • Connecting to a modem
  • Custom switchboard dialing
  • Caller ID
  • Credit Card swiping
  • Chip Card reading
  • Data(base) transfer
  • Send commands to control-units and gather data from them
  • Weigh goods
  • Scan goods with a barcode reader
  • Open a cash drawer (click here for more information)
  • Control the talking fish Billy Bass!

Try Troi Serial Plug-in before you buy

You are free and invited to test the program before you pay. You may also make copies of the original and complete package (including the Read Me file) and distribute it to customers, friends etc. However, you may not distribute a modified or registered version.

What are the costs?

Troi Serial Plug-in is more expensive than our other plug-ins, as it is a very specialized plug-in, with a limited customer base. We currently only sell a cross-platform developer license which allows you to deploy it with your solution, both on Mac OS X and on Windows:

Developer License

Developer license (for Mac and Windows) Buy now for US$ 999

The plug-in uses the 4.5 version of the registration. If you have a license for a previous version, you can buy an upgrade of your license.

Upgrades from previous versions

If you bought a license for Troi Serial 4.0 on or after May 12th, 2015 the upgrade to v4.5.x is FREE! Eligible users have been sent a new registration. Contact us if you have not received yours.

If you bought a license before May 12th, 2015 you will need to buy an upgrade to use Troi Serial Plug-in 4.5.x. We currently don't have an upgrade option for single licenses. We only have an upgrade option for developer licenses. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Upgrades from previous versions:

Single license (Mac or Windows): please contact us!
Multiple single licenses (Mac or Windows): please contact us!

Upgrades from previous Developer Licenses:

Cross platform Developer license to Cross platform Developer license: US$ 499

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