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Troi Text Plug-in is a very powerful tool for dealing efficiently with text in your FileMaker Pro database. It adds spell checking, set creation, lines and word functions, XML parsing and more!

Comments from our customers

Below are a few things our customers had to say.

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"Troi Text Plug-in is one of the most useful plug-ins on the planet"
Robert J. Cummings, www.dbmscan.com.

"I was totally stumped. I had to create a survey report listing totals of items checked in a Value List field. The field also had the "Other..." box checked so our value list could change at any time. I knew I could create a looping script to get a list of all the values in each field then go back thru and do a count for each value then put this data in a report blah blah blah... Which equals slowwwwwwwww.

I just knew there had to be a better way. I was using the Troi Text Plug-in to build my list in the above scenario, so I knew I was on to something. Then I took a look at the Book Index example provided with this gem of a plug-in. Awesome!!!

Using this template I was able to create my reports. The reports took seconds to calculate. If I didn't have to deal with the "Other..." option my reports would only need to be built once and would be dynamic.

Thanks for your excellent examples", Jeff Yurka, Real Mac Solutions.


"You know what... we can't make the Cambodia National Yellow Pages without your plug-in... it works wonder for us", Kim Gjemmestad, Cambodia National Yellow Pages.

"I just went through the once-tedious chore of getting related data processed for a client of mine. This chore is now an amazingly simple task! The solution? Troi Text Plug-in. It's a Godsend. This plug-in allows you to create JUST ONE calculation field that automatically concatenates all the text from multiple fields in a portal! Ta-da! Thank you Peter Baanen! :)"
Scott Rose, President ScottWorld, FileMaker Pro Experts Since 1992 http://www.scottworld.com

"Thanks for the brilliant software. The Troi File and Text plug-ins keep making my work much easier"
Eric Smith McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"All Hail Troi-Text Plug-in (and FAXTool)!"

"I just wanted to relate to you our latest application of the Troi-Text plug-in. I'm using this butt-saving tool on a daily basis!.

We recently built a press-release distribution system for a Massachusetts organization to send FAXes and eMails to more than 300 newspapers in the state, regarding recycling programs in 351 towns. Since each newspaper's readership area covers anywhere from 1 to all 351 towns, we built a relational system to manage this quite easily.

Each newspaper receives either an eMail or FAX, with a personalized cover letter/text, and a columnar table of data about recycling for all the towns only in their readership area.

Not a minor complication, we wanted to send only one eMail or FAX to each unique eMail or FAX destination, even though some newspapers share the same FAX or eMail address. We used the Troi-Text plug-in first to list all the newspapers in the 'To' line of the letter.

We built parallel functionality, all facilitated with the Troi-Text plug-in. FAXing (using FAXTool) was not difficult, since we simply FAXed a report layout of the related town data records for all towns associated with each of the newspapers included in a single letter.

We wanted to send a text-only press release (no attachments) that approximated the printed FAX, and were successful in converting the columnar report into monospaced text format using the Troi-Text plug-in.

We used various calculations to produce a monospaced, fixed column width text string for each line of the columnar report. Then we used the Troi-Text plug-in to gather and sort all the related file lines into one huge text field, along with the text of the letter, and sent that to our eMail client from FileMaker Pro.

Remember, since each newspaper can cover several towns, and some newspapers share an eMail address, we wanted to include those overlapping (duplicate) towns only once. We can do this on a printed/FAXed report using a summary part, and were able to reproduce the effect using the unique lines function of the Troi-Text plug-in.

It's proven to be quite reliable, and doesn't 'choke' on the fairly large number of records and huge text block that gets generated for some destinations!

I have, however, found the extremes of its capabilities. At one time I attempted to use the plug-in to create multi-key relationships which in turn were used to facilitate another dependent troi-text calculated result. Here, the plug-in choked and misbehaved, so that approach wasn't feasible.

Once again, "Good work" and thanks.

Sincerely, Erik.",

Erik Wegweiser / Intelligent Database ( http://www.ichizen.com ). FileMaker Pro Developer, Consultant - Member, FileMaker Solutions Alliance.


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