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Troi Text Plug-in is a very powerful tool for dealing efficiently with text in your FileMaker Pro database. It adds spell checking, set creation, lines and word functions, XML parsing and more!

List of features

Works with FileMaker Cloud

In version 4.1 we added compatibility with FileMaker Cloud: you can now install Troi Text Plug-in on FileMaker Cloud and run its functions on the FileMaker Cloud server. We have added a new example file to the 4.1 download package, which demonstrates how to perform the functions of the plug-in on FileMaker Cloud.

Runs on FileMaker Server

Troi Text Plug-in is also compatible to run under FileMaker Server: it can run as a server-side plug-in or as a plug-in used by WebDirect or the web publishing engine when using FileMaker Server. This means that you can use the powerful text functions in server-side scripts, opening up lots of new possibilities.

Completely customizable spell checking*

In version 4.0 we added 5 new functions for powerful spell checking. Together these functions offer completely customizable spelling check: you can specify a custom spelling (language) per database or even per text field, all driven from a script or a calculation. You can also specify to ignore words you or your company might use. The advantage of this function is that this can be configured completely from the database with calculations. These spelling functions are added:

  • TrText_CheckSpelling, which finds the first word that is spelled wrong. You can specify the spelling language too.
  • TrText_SetSpellingIgnoreList, which sets the list of words that should be ignored (during this spell check).
  • TrText_LearnSpelling , which adds a word to the spell checker dictionary.
  • TrText_UnlearnSpelling, which forgets a word in the spell checker dictionary.
  • TrText_GetSpellingLanguages, which return a list of all supported spelling languages on the system.
These spelling functions are available on Windows 8 and later and on all macOS versions (10.6.8 and later).
* currently not available on FileMaker Cloud

Compatible with FileMaker Pro 12, 13, 14 and 15

Troi Text Plug-in 4.x is compatible with FileMaker Pro 12 through 15 on Windows and on macOS.

All of the following functions are still present in version 4.1:

Parsing of XML data

With Troi Text Plug-in you can get XML nodes out of XML formatted text and parse the info into separate fields in your database. You can get the contents of the nodes and child nodes and the attribute data of the nodes.

Set creation

The ANDText, XORText and NOTText functions let you find all lines that are the same in two text fields, are lines that are different in two text fields and all lines that are in one but not in the other text field.

Lines and Word functions

Troi Text Plug-in's Lines and Word functions let you return:

  • all unique lines of a text field
  • all unique words of a text field
  • all lines in a text field sorted alphabetically
  • the n-th line of a text field. No difficult calculations to get it, just ask for it!

SumText function

The SumText function creates a dynamic field that concatenates all text from a field in a related file. Every time records get added to the related file the SumText is automatically updated. It is the text equivalent of the Sum() function.
Please note that FileMaker Pro now has a List() function, which provides much of this functionality. We have left the SumText function in to keep the plug-in backward compatible.

And more...

Below is a list of all functions of the Text Plug-in:

Function name
Short description
TrText_ANDText Returns all the lines that are both in text1 and text2.
TrText_CheckSpelling* Returns the start position and length of the first word which is spelled wrong in the text.
TrText_GetLine Returns the n-th line of the text.
TrText_GetSpellingLanguages* Returns a list of all supported spelling languages.
TrText_LearnSpelling* Adds a word to the spell checker dictionary.
TrText_NOTText Returns all the lines in text1 that are NOT in text2.
TrText_SetSpellingIgnoreList* Sets the list of words that should be ignored.
TrText_SortLines Returns all the lines from a text field sorted in alphabetical order.
TrText_SortLinesEx Returns all the lines from a text field sorted in ascending or descending alphabetical order.
TrText_SumTextCalc Use this function to define a sumtextCalc help field in a related file.
TrText_SumTextResult Use this function to stop the SumText calculation and get the result.
TrText_SumTextStart Use this function to start the SumText calculation.
TrText_UniqueLines Returns all the unique lines from a text.
TrText_UniqueWords Returns all the unique words of a text.
TrText_UnlearnSpelling* Forget this word in the spell checker dictionary.
TrText_Version Use this function to see which version of the plug-in is loaded and to register the plug-in.
TrText_VersionAutoUpdate Use this function to see which version of the plug-in is loaded, formatted for FileMaker Server's AutoUpdate function. Returns 8 digit number to represent an AutoUpdate version.
TrText_XML Returns the requested parts from text formatted as XML.
TrText_XORText Returns all the lines that are NOT both in text1 and text2.
* currently not available on Windows Vista and 7 and on FileMaker Cloud

User Guide and examples

We've added 8 sample databases to the download of Troi Text Plug-in which show you how to implement the functions. And we've also included a user guide with a function reference.

Suggested uses of Troi Text Plug-in

  • Present portal information horizontally
  • Create an index for a book, which is updated automatically
  • Find all addresses you want to send an email to, without sending duplicates
  • Keep track of your client relations by generating a dynamic history of activities
  • Receive client information in XML format and parse it easily into your database

What are the costs?

Below are the prices for new licenses (upgrades from previous versions: see below).

  • Single user licenses: US$ 49 per user
  • 10-user pack: US$ 199
  • 25-user pack: US$ 299
  • Developer license for OS X and Windows: US$ 299
  • Server/Web license for OS X, Windows and FileMaker Cloud: US$ 259
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Upgrades from previous versions

Upgrading from version 4.0 is free: version 4.1 uses the same 4.0 registration code. If you bought a license on or after August 7, 2015 the upgrade to version 4.1 is also free. We have emailed all eligible customers a new 4.0 registration string. Contact us if you have not received yours. If you bought a license before August 7, 2015 you will need to upgrade to use the 4.x version:

  • Upgrade from single user license: US$ 29 per user
  • Upgrade from cross-platform developer license: US$ 159 

-> Buy Troi Text Plug-in 4.1 online here

Developer License available

For Troi Text Plug-in we have a developer license specially intended for developers of databases. This license allows you to include our plug-in with ALL databases or FileMaker solutions that your company sells to organizations of up to 25 users. See the Text Plug-in Developer License page for more information.

Example use

Create a dynamic book index

With Troi Text plug-in you can create an index for a book, which is updated automatically. This example is included in the download of the plug-in. See the Text plug-in download page for downloading Troi Text Plug-in.

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