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Troi URL Plug-in 4.5

Troi URL Plug-in lets you post and retrieve information from the Internet. Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in web forms on the Internet, all from FileMaker Pro. It also retrieves data or images from any HTTP and HTTPS URL.

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Here is what other users have to say about Troi URL Plug-in

Below are a few things our users had to say about Troi URL Plug-in and in general about Troi plug-ins. You can send us your own comments to:

"First, I wanted to thank you guys for creating such excellent plug-ins. They fill pretty much all of the gaps in FileMaker and really go a long way into making it into the Swiss Army knife of cross-platform solution development.

The other reason I wanted to write is that I think you are sitting on a real game changer that potential customers might not be aware of without making it a little more obvious. I am referring to Troi URL's ability to make FileMaker into an incredibly powerful web client, in particular for communicating with SQL databases. I have been absolutely blown away with what I can do in this regard with the plug-in. Combined with Troi File and Troi Encryptor it delivers the ability to create very fast (VERY fast), very secure SQL applications that provide a ton of extended capabilities over any browser-only based solutions. The link below points to a page on my site that explains a little more about the concept.

Thanks again, you guys rock, please keep up the exceptional work."

Rob Salusbury, http://customdataservices.net/sqlclients.htm

"Peter, Thanks, I am a repeat customer and very happy with your products. I want to especially thank you for the pre-sales question you answered for me last week about the URL plugin. I was having trouble getting past web pages with NT-Type authentication. Your solution worked like a charm and is opening all sorts of possibilities for us. We are now able to automate some really cool things thanks to you. Cheers, and check out our project's website at www.watchthewater.org. A large portion of the backend is powered by FileMaker Pro and your stuff"
Michael Bateman, Ocean Lifeguard / Project Manager, County of Los Angeles Fire Department, Lifeguard Division

"For seven years FitBody Pro has been a stand alone Diet Software solution that consumers use to track their diet and exercise. We knew that our customers were adding foods to FitBody and wished they could share the nutrition profiles of those foods with other users. Synchronization was only a dream until we found the Troi URL plug-in. Our customers now seamlessly upload their records to our server and download updates entirely from our cross-platform FileMaker Pro runtime solution. Thanks Troi!"
Darwin Stephenson

"I'm probably not the first to tell you: Way-cool! Keep up the GREAT work!"
Erik Wegweiser, Intelligent Database www.ichizen.com. FileMaker Pro Developer, Consultant - Member, FileMaker Solutions Alliance.

"I'am very happy with your plugins they're better than FileMaker itself !!"
dipl. Ing. HTL Longin Ziegler, www.ismile.ch

"Thank you for developing such a good software, I´m very happy to use your Filemaker plug-ins which are 100% error free..... at least for me, Thanks again", Victor Barrera

"Your products are simply put... "GREAT""
Ernest A. Abrams, MacBusiness Consulting

"Thanks, you make great products!"
Peter Payne, J-LIST, the Japanese anime web site, www.jlist.com

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