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Troi URL Plug-in 4.5

Troi URL Plug-in lets you post and retrieve information from the Internet. Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in web forms on the Internet, all from FileMaker Pro. It also retrieves data or images from any HTTP and HTTPS URL.

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Compatible with FileMaker Pro 15, Windows 10 and OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker Pro 15New! Troi URL Plug-in 4.5 retrieves web images, web pages and fills in HTTP forms all directly from FileMaker Pro. This version is tested and made compatible with FileMaker Pro 15. We improved its multi-threading behavior when running in FileMaker Pro 15. We also tested and improved the compatibility of this version with Windows 10 and OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). And we added a new TURL_GetLastHTTPStatusCode function: this will return the HTTP response status code from the last executed HTTP request.

You can see the complete list of changes on our version history page.

List of Features

Fill out web forms from FileMaker Pro

Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in forms and retrieve the result directly in FileMaker Pro. It can fill for example a form similar to this:

web form

And you can submit the data of this form all from a FileMaker script, without the need of a browser. In a ScriptMaker Script you can fill this form with the TURL_Post function:

Set Field [result , TURL_Post( "-Unused" ;
 "http://www.filemaker.com/greatform/cgi-sys/formmail.pl" ;

This will send the data to a web server and get the result back. A sample result might be:

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Example Web Page</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY><p>You have posted the data.</p> </BODY>/HTML>

The actual result can be quite different in your situation and may also be more complicated.

Get data from the web

You can also use the plug-in like this:

  • use the GET method to retrieve data
  • use the PUT and DELETE methods to upload to or delete items from web servers
  • use a secure connection (HTTPS) using SSL
  • get access to password protected web pages, including those that require OAuth authentication
  • use it with a proxy server
  • send cookies and set custom headers

Work with web services that require OAuth authorization

Troi URL Plug-in adds the function TURL_SetAuthCredentials which enables you to set the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for an OAuth authorization. This makes it possible to work with web services that use OAuth 1.x. The plug-in comes with a OAuthWebService example file which demonstrates the OAuth functionality for Web Services and the TURL_SetAuthCredentials function.
A separate Twitter example file shows you how to use Troi URL Plug-in's functions to authorize for working with a Twitter account and post tweets from FileMaker.

Support for UTF-8

Troi URL Plug-in can automatically detect if web pages are UTF-8 encoded and get the result with the right encoding into FileMaker.

Get images right into a container field!

It is possible to get JPEG and GIF and even PNG images directly into a container field. This allows you to harvest images, like photos directly from a web site!

Suggested Uses

Troi URL Plug-in allows you to:

  • fill in forms on web sites or your intranet
  • get online data like stock quotes, weather reports, etc.
  • automatically add information to listings and online databases
  • send your tweets to Twitter directly from FileMaker Pro

Function names

Below are all functions of Troi URL Plug-in:

Function name
Short description
TURL_Version Use this function to see which version of the plug-in is loaded. This function is also used to register the plug-in
TURL_Get Gets the raw data of the specified URL. This can be for example the HTML of a web page
TURL_Post Sends data to the server, using the POST method, and returns the result as raw data
TURL_Put Sends data to the web server or transfers a file to the web server, using the PUT method.
TURL_Delete Sends request to delete an item at a specified place on the web server, using the DELETE method.
TURL_GetLastHTTPStatusCode Returns the HTTP response status code from the last executed HTTP request.
TURL_GetLastProperties Returns information (image type, width and height) about the last image downloaded.
TURL_Reinitialize Restarts the plug-in
TURL_SetCookies Sets the cookies text to be used in subsequent calls
TURL_SetCustomHeader Sets a custom header to be used
TURL_SetPassword Sets the password to be used for password protected URLs
TURL_SetProgressText Sets a custom text to be used for the progress dialog
TURL_SetProxy Sets an explicit proxy server to be used, via which the data is sent to the web server. Now you can also add authorization, by specifying a user name and password
TURL_SetUserAgent Sets a custom text for the name of the user agent the plug-in sends to a server
TURL_SetUserName Sets the user name to be used for password protected URLs
TURL_ToHTTP Encodes a text in HTTP format
TURL_ToURLEncoded URL encodes text (also known as percent-encoding)
TURL_HMACSHA1 Calculates a keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC-SHA1) signature
TURL_SetAuthCredentials Sets the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for an OAuth authorization
TURL_GetAuthorizationURL First step to authorize for a web service: gets an authorization URL
TURL_SendAuthorizationPIN Second step to authorize for a web service: sends the PIN to the web service to complete the authorization
TURL_SendAuthorizedRequest Sends a request (like posting a tweet), using credentials obtained during authorization

User Manual and Extensive examples

Example databases will show you how to implement the functions. In addition we've included a user guide in the download.

Known Issues

Troi URL Plug-in has some limitations. Please be aware of the following:

  • There is no progress dialog on Windows. Also when running under 64-bit the TURL_Get and TURL_Post functions have no progress dialog implemented.
  • Error codes on Mac and on Windows can be different in the same situation.
  • The maximum size of URLs is limited, please see also the user guide and here for more info on URL lengths.
  • You can not save data directly to disk. A possible solution is storing the data in a field and then use Troi File Plug-in to write it to disk.

What are the costs?

Buy-it!Below are the prices for our licenses.

New licenses:  
Single user license:
10-user pack:
25-user pack:
US$ 79 per user
US$ 349
US$ 499
Developer licenses:
Allows you to include the plug-in with all FileMaker solutions that your company sells to organizations of up to 25 users.
Developer license for Mac + Windows: US$ 499
Server/web license
Allows to use the plug-in in server-side scripts and in web published databases using FileMaker Server Advanced (no user limit).
ServerWeb license for Mac + Windows: US$ 349

Upgrades from previous versions

If you bought a license on or after May 12th, 2015 the upgrade is free! We have emailed all eligible customers a new 4.5 registration string in May 2016. Contact us if you have not received yours.

If you bought a license before May 12th, 2015 you will need to upgrade to use the 4.5 version.

Upgrades from previous versions:

Single license upgrade:
10-user pack upgrade:
25-user pack upgrade:
US$ 49 per user
US$ 169
US$ 249
Upgrades from previous Developer Licenses:

Single platform Developer license to Cross platform Developer license:
Cross platform Developer license to Cross platform Developer license:
US$ 349

US$ 249
Upgrades from previous Server/Web Licenses:

Server/Web license upgrade: US$ 169

 -> Buy Troi URL Plug-in online here

Developer License available

For Troi URL Plug-in we have a developer license specially intended for developers of databases. This license allows you to include our plug-ins with ALL databases or FileMaker solutions that your company sells. See the Developer License page for more information.

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