Troi Scout FM FAQ and Known Issues

Below you can find answers to some questions, and issues that we are aware off.

Installation Questions

Q. Where are files installed?

The installer adds these files and folders (in your home folder):
~/Documents/Troi Scout FM 1.0
~/Documents/Troi Scout FM TestDB.fp7

Q. How can I uninstall Troi Scout FM?
Delete the file Troi Scout FM.service from the Services folder in the Library folder inside your home folder. (~/Library/Services/Troi Scout FM.service). Restart your computer.

Q. Is there an instal log?

Yes, it is here (in your home folder):
~/Library/logs/Install Troi Scout FM 1.0 log

Troi Scout FM Questions

Q. Do you plan to release a Windows version of Troi Scout FM?
No, at the moment we don't have plans to create a Windows version.

Q. Can I change the menu items that Troi Scout FM shows?
No, the text of the menus, like "Find in FileMaker Database 1" can not be changed. We are investigating how this can be done, but at the moment you can not change this.

Q. Which format of AppleScript can be used by Troi Scout FM?
Troi Scout FM can only work with compiled AppleScripts (with extension .scpt). When you are saving an AppleScript always choose: File Format: script. Troi Scout FM does not work with text only AppleScripts (which have extension .applescript).

Q. Can I use Troi Scout FM with multiple versions of FileMaker Pro?
Yes, Troi Scout FM can work with any FileMaker Pro version. You can point each TroiScoutScript independently to a different FileMaker version. To do this you need to modify the TroiScoutScripts, so that the right FileMaker application is launched and used. See the examples for hints on how to accomplish this.

Services Menu Questions

Q. Is there a way to manage the Services menu in general?
Yes, there is a free application that is called Service Scrubber, which can restructure the services menu and change service keyboard shortcuts. You can find it here:

Q. Hey, do you know any other great Services trick?
Yes! Select some text in a text document. Press Apple-Shift-L (which is a keyboard shortcut for "Application-Menu->Services->Search With Google").
This will bring up a new window in Safari and perform a search in Google using the selected text. It needs a bit of getting used to, but there is no faster way to search!

Q. I still don't grasp the Services menu. Is there more help?
Yes! You can find a great web page called "Mac OS X Services (the menu you never go to)" here:

Q. Does the Services menu work with every application?
The Services menu works with most Mac OS X applications. All Cocoa applications should work. Carbon applications only work if the Services menu has been implemented.
The following applications work with Services menu (and Troi Scout FM):

  • (Apple) Mail
  • BBEdit
  • FileMaker Pro 8.5 (you can even invoke Troi Scout FM from FileMaker!)
  • Eudora
  • iTunes
  • Preview
  • Safari
  • TextEdit
  • XCode
  • many others...
If a Carbon application has not implemented the Services menu, the menu items will be dimmed.

Below you find a few applications that don't work:

Known Issues

The Installer and documentation is English only
Troi Scout FM itself supports English, German and Dutch. However, at the moment only an English installer and documentation is available.

Limited amount of examples provided
There should be more examples and TroiScoutScripts in the Other Example folder. We hope to provide more examples in the future.