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Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.5.1 for FileMaker Pro

new 16 February, 2017: Today we released Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.5.1, our plug-in which can help you show sophisticated dialogs. This version is a maintenance release, but also adds a few enhancements, like adding a -ExtraLineHeight switch to the ListDialog function which allows you to give extra height to the list items.a switch to show icons at 48x48 by default.

Troi Dialog Plug-in 5.5.3 runs natively with FileMaker Pro 16, is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS X.
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FileMaker style: Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1 for FileMaker 15

File plug-in logo

new January 23th, 2017: Today we released Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1, an update of our file manipulation plug-in.

Troi File Plug-in 8.6 runs natively with FileMaker Pro 15 and adds support for Unzip with FileMaker and several other new features!
It is compatible with Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra.
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