"FileMaker, Inc. released FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker Developer 7 on March 9th 2004! Troi Automatisering worked hard to update its plugins, as well as create new plug-ins for FileMaker 7"

Native FileMaker 7 API

With the introduction of FileMaker 7 also a new architecture (API) for more powerful plug-ins was released. Plug-ins for 7 for example no longer are limited to 64000 characters, and also get style information, like if a text is bold etc. We are looking for new ways to improve upon the already great FileMaker 7.

Compatible Plug-ins

Troi plug-ins created with the 'classic' API in general should work with FileMaker 7, but may have compatibility issues. Now that FileMaker 7 is final we are working hard to list any issues, and also to resolve these issues if possible.

General Issue with higher ASCII's

FileMaker Pro 7 has a new internal architecture, which is using Unicode for the text fields. FileMaker 6 only used ASCII encoding. ALL plug-ins written for the 'classic' FileMaker 6 architecture do not receive characters that are outside this ASCII range, these characters are replaced with spaces. In general our plug-ins should be compatible as long as the text used is lower ASCII text.


Plug-ins written for the new FileMaker 7 API do not have this limitation.


To Troi Compatibility list with FileMaker Pro 7

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