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Troi ASCII Example Plug-in 1.0.2

Troi ASCII example plug-in with source code

Below you can download an plug-in with C source code which can do ASCII conversions as an external function. The download contains the source code. To compile this MetroWerks Codewarrior project you also need FileMaker Developer 6 (or 5) for some header files.

What is the functionality of this plug-in?

This plug-in adds the external function: Asci-LowSafe

This function converts higher ASCII characters to lower ASCII characters, while trying to retain as much information as possible. Here are some examples for the translation:

  • ü becomes 'ue'
  • ø becomes 'o'

Conditions of use

Although the source is publicly downloadable, the source code remains copyright of Troi Automatisering. Commercial distribution of the compiled software is restricted without permission of Troi Automatisering.

You are free to use ten copies of the compiled software on up to 10 single computers (10 x Single User License). You may not network the software or otherwise use it or make it available for use on more than ten computers at the same time. Please contact us if you want to use the compiled code on more that ten computers, for licensing conditions.

Contribute to this plug-in

Please email us at if you want to improve the source of this plug-in, for example by adding extra functions.

Download the source code here

Each download contains all files. Download either a Macintosh (hqx) or a Windows version (zip) of the package. Only the compression and (text) formatting is different. Please choose one of the following links to start download:

Full Macintosh Package:

Size 448 Kb, Bin Hexed
Click here to download troi-ascii-example-1.0.2.hqx (HTTP)

Full Windows Package:

Size 384 Kb, Zipped
Click here to download troi-ascii-example-1.0.2.zip (HTTP)