Merge.It Pro

by I.T. Professional Consultants

Merge.It Pro® adds powerful true document merging capability to your FileMaker Pro solution!

Merge.It Pro is a newly developed FileMaker® Pro application designed to enhance and integrate with your existing FileMaker Pro 9,10, 11 database solution. Perfect for any solution requiring the need to produce multiple word processing documents.

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Create true merge documents

You can add a true document generator to your FileMaker Pro solution in minutes. Create MS Word, Corel WordPerfect, Apple Pages, OpenOffice documents with data directly from your solution; without having to learn or use XML.
Merge.It Pro makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to add this powerful feature to their program. Clear and detailed instructions take you step by step to integrate this powerful application into your solution discreetly. Save time and money in development by adding this program to your solution today!

Try Merge.It Pro before you buy

You can find more information about Merge.It Pro on the IT Professional Consultants website.

Download the demo of Merge.It Pro.

Buy Merge.It Pro

Merge.It Pro is a product of I.T. Professional Consultants. Troi Plug-ins are used to enhance the functionality. Merge.It Pro works with FileMaker Pro 9, 10 or 11.

You can purchase Merge.It Pro from the Troi web shop. We currently offer Merge.It Pro Lite, Power User and Developer:

  • Merge.It Pro Lite: limited to 1 FM File + 1 table connection + 1 computer + 10 document templates
  • Merge.It Pro Power User: unlimited FM File connections, unlimited FM table connections, unlimited document templates. Limited to 1 computer
  • Merge.It Pro Developer: this is the Power User Network version for up to 25 computers per site and up to 25 concurrent computers. FM access Level: limited (Layout, ValueList, and New Script Access) (Non-compete agreement required)
    The developer license includes a cross-Platform Developer License of Troi Dialog and Troi File Plug-in.

Merge.It Pro is available from US $129,--
Order it from our online shop today!


Download Merge.It Pro here

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