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(our old logo + web style from 1995 to 2000)

Personal stuff and Fun!

korte film 3TE geselecteerd voor NOFF

new 24 june 2009: My short movie 3TE has been selected for Het Nederlands Online Film Festival (NOFF) 2009! (dutch online filmfestival).
You can see it on the YouTube channel of the NOFF here. But here you can see it in HD:
To Troi Films HD page

Ons huis is verkocht

mei 2009: Ons huis staat niet meer te koop.

Peter's films on Vimeo

new 3 april 2008: I uploaded some of my movies to Vimeo.
Ik heb wat films op Vimeo gezet.
To Peters movies on Vimeo / Naar Peter's films

Older stuff

Total Eclipse

Zonsverduistering Spanje (3 Oktober 2005)


London H2G2 the movie (April 2005)

Dubbel knap

Troi is nu 2x zo knap. Probeer het ook! (Feb 2005)

New house?!

See the difference in our house (2004-04-23)

Fun Movie

iKnip the movie (2003-02-01)

Tim's own web site

Tim en Timmy Tiptoes Website

After 10 years the Cast of PSI back together!

PSI Reunie (2000-10-23)



Chocolate in Amsterdam

Nice View in Paris

Sacre Coeur Quicktime VR movie (2000-10-23)

It's freezing!

IJs pret (Ice fun) Quicktime VR movie (2001-01-17)

Happy new Year:

Oliebollen to 2001

Sleepwalking can be dangerous:

On 2 july 1999 I took a A giant leap...

On 2 september 1999 I could finally take a A small step...

11-11-1999 Measuring Why I sleepwalk...

31 September 1999 Walking around again...



Troi's Art Gallery

Find out how Tiny Tim looks:

  1. Tiny Tim's First Home Page
  2. Tiny Tim's Second Home Page
  3. Tiny Tim's Third Home Page

Tim op de basisschool: de sint kamer:

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Monkey Forest Resort Hotel

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