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How to get Mobile internet via GSM on your Powerbook Mac

I struggled to get a connection to Internet when I'm traveling. I finally managed to get it working for my GSM Phone. Below is the configuration that works. Note that this configuration is used in Europe, specifically The Netherlands.


  • a Powerbook G3 (Wall Street) with Mac OS 8.5.1 on it. No longer available, but I guess any Powerbook or iBook with a PCMCIA slot will do.
  • a Motorola Timeport™ P7389 GSM Phone    
  • A PSION Gold Card GSM for Motorola Series. It costs NLG 449,-- Excl. VAT. = EUR 203,74

    This comes with the cables that will fit into the Motorola.

    NOTE: KPN Telecom originally sold me a Psion Gold Card Global 56k and a Psion GSM Upgrade, however i could not upgrade it on my Mac. Also this is more expensive.

    NOTE2: Although KPN sells Psion products it does not sell the PSION Gold Card GSM for Motorola Series. You need to get it from a different dealer.

  • a GSM subscription with a phone company that allows datacommunication. I have KPN Flexibel Economy.

The modem has a AT-Command set and you can just dial your internet provider with the Remote Access control panel.

I have not tested it yet abroad. Please email me when you found this info useful or if you have questions:

Also let me know if you know of other services that are available in most of Europe, and provide a cheap, wireless access to the Internet. It has to work on Mac OS!

Peter Baanen