Send images with ease

Quicktrans is designed to make sending images a snap. After you configure the app once, you can take one or more photos and upload them without any extra steps.

For example you can send images directly to your company's web server, enabling a streamlined workflow, where the images can be logged and backed up. With the added (GPS) location data it is also known where the images were taken.

Imagine a real estate agent, who can take photos while inspecting a house, uploading the images directly to his company, eliminating the need to upload later.


  • Take photos or use from photo library
  • Uses the POST method to send the data
  • Optionally add extra text
  • Optionally add location data
  • Specify the accuracy of the location data


QuickTrans works on iPhone, iPod Touch and even on iPad as a native app. On devices which have no camera you can use the Photo Library to send images.