Transfer photos quickly to a web site or server. QuickTrans can also send (GPS) location data and your own text with the image.

Ideal for people who repeatedly need to send images to a fixed network address. Created by Troi Automatisering.

Updated to version 1.1

We updated the app, so that taking images now also works with the iPad 2! And to celebrate, we also reduced the price to US$6.99.

Easy to use

  • Configure once
  • Send images quickly
  • Add location data (GPS coordinates)
  • Add extra text to the post

About Troi Automatisering

  • Leading developer of plug-ins for FileMaker
  • High quality software
  • Great customer support

Compatible with Troi Activator for FileMaker Pro 12 to 15

QuickTrans is designed to work in tandem with Troi Activator Plug-in, our plug-in for FileMaker Pro 12 to 15. Troi Activator can be configured as an Image Upload Server and receive the images sent by QuickTrans and put them into your FileMaker Pro database.
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